Ciphr encrypted phones

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Ciphr is a mobile platform of privacy for communications
important in devices Blackberry and Android for work “AFW”.

Ciphr encrypted phones

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DDOS protection at the level of a bank capable of defending against
the world’s largest attacks.

Our Ciphr platform

The pace and intensity of cyber attacks is increasing with victims of data breaches facing financial loss and reputational damage. 

Ciphr is addressing these problems with an industry leading privacy platform designed specifically for mobile communications.

Contact us to learn more about mobile threats that could affect you, and what Ciphr is doing to keep you protected.

We are also the only company to have implemented Quantum Encryption on top of ECC Encryption.


Encrypted storage 

Ciphr Text

Asynchronous OTR messaging

Ciphr Mail

Mail with encryption ECC

DDOS protection at the level of a bank capable of defending itself against the biggest attacks in the world


Encrypted and reliable backups of the content of the application.


Users control who has access to sending messages and for how long.


Images, voice notes and sound clips shared and stored safely.

All the data that you enter in this site are 100% protected for your security, only for use of information request.