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Ciphr Text is an instant messaging client designed for quick conversation. This software makes use of advanced ECC cryptography delivered in an out-of-register (“OTR”) format. All keys are generated and never leave the device.

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Key features

The following is a list of some of the functions that come standard with CiphrMail and the description of how they work.

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Each message is encrypted by a unique key. Truly secure Ephemeral encryption providing forward and future security.


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Truly secure group conversations for up to 50 participants. Each message is individually encrypted eleminating the need to disclose the existence of a group conversation and its participants.


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Encrypt and share images with your contacts.


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Send and receive encrypted voice messages.

Voice Notes

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Ensure continuous protection from eavesdroppers (MITM) using simple identity authentication.


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Control how long your messages live on your device and those of your contacts.

Burn Messages

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Ciphr Text benefits from one important characteristic of OTR – a unique ephemeral encryption key is used for every message. This guarantees true end-to-end encryption and provides perfect forward secrecy.